Hacker School

reGrouper and Seating Chart Creator (2014)

reGrouper is a tool for placing people in groups across multiple time periods (for example, assigning students to reading groups that switch each month) in a way that minimizes the number of times individuals are paired more than once. Both its backend and its GUI are written in Python.

reGrouper is a pared-down version of an earlier application called Seating Chart Creator, which was built for a more specific use case.

WiFi-Controlled Toy Car (2014)

A fellow Hacker Schooler and I replaced the radio-frequency controller in a toy car with an Arduino.

Arduino WiFi Shield Patch (2014)

While building an Arduino-controlled car, I ran into major problems with the Arduino WiFi shield. I managed to fix part of the problem... but unfortunately not all of it.

Phonebook (2014)

Phonebook is a small Python command-line tool for storing names and phone numbers. It was built for one of Hacker School's Friday code challenges.

Pre-Hacker School

AutoLex (2010)

AutoLex is a Django module enabling automatic translations via the Google Translate API. Google has since shut down this service, rendering the module obsolete.